starbucks & peets together at last

The Hubby told me that Oliver has been moving Christmas ornaments around the tree. We haven’t caught him in the act yet, but he does love to point out his favorites and I’m pretty sure he thinks hot chocolate must be inside ready for him to sip.

I have placed the coffee cup ornaments on opposite sides of the tree respectively. Both coffee shops hold a special place in my heart. If I could, I’d go to Peets everyday of my  life; I would buy Nonfat lattes and pounds of wonderful Major D’s coffee beans. However, Peets is not nearby.  I have two boys that I like to get in and out of car seats as little as possible, and I have limited funds. Starbuck’s drive-thru has come in handy more than once in my life. When Linus was a newborn babe and I just needed to escape the house, yet was too tired to really do anything, I would load up the boys in the car and head to the drive thru where my afternoon caffeine awaited.

Tonight I was looking at the tree and found this. Even though I didn’t catch him in the act, I think this is all the proof I needed.


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the gig is up (updated)

I asked Adam when was the last time he read my blog. He started laughing and said, “I knew all along that you were looking words up because there was no way you knew the meaning of insigne.” To which I retorted, “It’s the  plural for insignia.” Little did he know that I had to look up the word after I played the word on Words with Friends.

Update: Now that Adam is back to reading my blog he is now back to editing my words. I apologize for any gramatical errors previously.


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words with husbands (final update)

I just lost my month long game of Words with Friends with the hubby. It’s really not fair. I would have beat him 493 to 276 but I was stuck with the letter Q and had to resign.

Adam still does not know that I am a complete and utter cheater. I know that he suspects something because he asked if I use a dictionary. I’m not sure I’m gonna tell him. But I have decided that it’s really no fun at all to win when I cheat. It’s so much more satisfying to win when I really put my brain to use.

So do you think that I should come clean and tell him I’m a cheater? Or maybe I should just ask if he’s read my blog in a while.


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rant #1

I love music. I love discovering new music. You know when you are watching TV and a commercial comes on or you are watching your favorite show and you hear a catchy song that you’ve never heard and you go on the internet and search and search to find who sang that song. And then after hours of research you find that song and then for a couple of minutes everything is right in the world. I love that.

But if that new song comes on while I’m watching a show and they play the “background” music so loud that it drowns out the actor’s dialogue that I either have to turn up the volume on the TV or replay the scene again. I don’t love that. That’s annoying.

So Mr. TV man can you please turn down your music so I can hear what your actors are saying. Thanks much appreciated.


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missing nugget

Linus: a cute ten month old boy with 2.5 teeth. Two teeth centered on the lower jar and two teeth half way exposed on the upper jaw.

Chicken Nugget: a breaded deep fried piece of “white” chicken that I think my Linus ate last night.

The boys and I were running errands yesterday late afternoon while the hubby was going to be working late. As we were driving home I realized that I had nothing in the house to cook for dinner. And for some reason I drove our car through the McDonald’s drive thru. Ollie was super excited to eat his apple dippers and set his happy meal box down between his car seat and Linus’.

I think Linus wanted his own Happy Meal but he was just going to have to wait till we got home so I could feed him some baby friendly food. Linus screamed for a couple of minutes but eventually stopped. Then Ollie started complaining that Linus had taken his Happy Meal box. I laughed to myself and thought how industrious of my baby to grab the box… until I realized that there were still four chicken nuggets in that box.

At this point we were on the freeway. I contorted my body reaching my arm behind me while holding onto the steering wheel with the other.  I can’t be certain that  swerving also took place I’m just glad no Highway Patrol was there for confirmation. I finally grabbed the box and after I realinged my spin I peered into the box and counted… one… two… nuggets.

There’s no way my 10 month old with 2.5 teeth could eat a nugget? Right? I didn’t worry too much thinking maybe the other nuggets fell out of the box until Liuns started to cough. In the center lane of the freeway going a tiny bit over 65 miles per hour was where I started freaking out, saying, “Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord, No, No, No, No ,No!”

I pulled off the freeway as fast as I could jumped out of the car opened the door to Linus looking at me and smiling. What a relief he was OK. Then I searched the car for the missing nuggets to only find one nugget and a baby with greasy hands and some breading on his collar. I have no proof that Linus ate the nugget but I have learned my lesson I won’t let Ollie eat in front of Linus anymore.


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words with husbands UPDATE!

It’s been over a week and Adam still has no idea that I am a cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Currently the score for Words with Friend is 274-Me, 160- Hubby. If only he would read my blog. *tear*


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from our pumpkin patch to yours.

“When you don’t know what to write on your blog go ahead and post a picture of some cute kids. Even if they aren’t your own.” -Britany


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