I share my life with my amazing husband, Adam our two sons, Oliver and Linus, our Jack Russell Terrier, Henry. This is a place where I wrangle my thoughts and type them out for whom ever cares to read them. Leave me a comment because I love them and they make me happy.


2 responses to “About

  1. Gina Rippl

    waddup Britany! I am sitting in my parent’s house in MN enjoying your blog! (everyone else is still sleeping this fine saturday morn…:o) Thank you SO much for sparing your husband at 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday to get DAn and I here! My goodness that was an adventure. Funny how plans can change so quickly… Anyway I wish I could send you some nice cool weather from here… it is in the 50-60’s and gorgeous. Perfect fall.
    Glad I came accross your blog on fb… I appreciate the “those people” post about carts in the parking lot at the store. haha, dan and I always complain about that… now I can see why it’s necessary! :o)
    Thinkin of you guys, tell Adam thank you again for his help. We’ll see ya again soon when we are back in CA…
    toodles -Gina

    • YAY! My first comment on my About page. I’m glad you like my blog. Many times I’ve thought about deleting it because it wasn’t making me a famous blogger.

      You can borrow Adam any time for early morning trips to the train/bus/airport he doesn’t sleep that well anyways so it was no problem at all.

      Hope you have a great time in Minnesota I think it’s only suppose to be in the high 80’s today.

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