pajama pants

My husband thinks I’m crazy. Because as soon as I walk into our house, from being out and about, I head for the bedroom and take off my “street” pants and put on my pajama pants. Our house could be full of rabid raccoons raiding the fridge and I’m like 98% sure I would silently slip by into the bedroom to put my comfy pants on before dealing with the furry bandits.

To Husbands credit it does look awful suspect if he happens to come home in the middle of the day and I’m in my pajamas. It might look like I just rolled out of bed and have probably been eating bon bons on the couch while watching my shows. But I’m like 98% sure that has never happened before.

I can’t be the only one who does this. Right?



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3 responses to “pajama pants

  1. My husband and I both share the desire to be comfortable at home…he comes in and puts on his pajama pants too so the rabid animals would have to wait until one of us was ready and comfy!!!

    • Oh I wish my hubby would slip into something more comfortable along with me but he doesn’t even own a pair of pj’s/lounge pants/whatever. He wouldn’t mind sleeping in his jeans. Now I ask who is the crazy one?

  2. my fiance only puts on “street” clothing, when I will be hanging out with him, because I make him leave the house… You are not alone.

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