pay attention

This morning I was on the phone with the doctor.  I think my phone conversation was taking a lot longer than Linus, my son, cared for, because he walked right over to me in the kitchen, looked me in the eyes and hit the kitchen counter with an open hand.  BANG, BANG, BANG!  His gaze did not break as he then walked over to the kitchen table and hit it–BANG, BANG, BANG! Being in the middle of a conversation with a complete stranger, I said nothing to my 21 month old but just gave him a look: the Mom Stare.

Four hours later, when I was off of the phone, I asked him if he hit the tables because he wanted me to pay attention to him? He said, “Yes, pay attention.” And that was that.

Tonight my attention was on my computer.  Talking to my computer, I asked why it was taking so long to update my iPhone, then yelling at my phone when I couldn’t remember my password or username. I was completely engaged with my computer when I should have been spending time with my boys. In the middle of my inanimate object yelling, Linus shoves a book in my face and says, “Mama, pay attention.” And so I did.


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