starbucks & peets together at last

The Hubby told me that Oliver has been moving Christmas ornaments around the tree. We haven’t caught him in the act yet, but he does love to point out his favorites and I’m pretty sure he thinks hot chocolate must be inside ready for him to sip.

I have placed the coffee cup ornaments on opposite sides of the tree respectively. Both coffee shops hold a special place in my heart. If I could, I’d go to Peets everyday of my  life; I would buy Nonfat lattes and pounds of wonderful Major D’s coffee beans. However, Peets is not nearby.  I have two boys that I like to get in and out of car seats as little as possible, and I have limited funds. Starbuck’s drive-thru has come in handy more than once in my life. When Linus was a newborn babe and I just needed to escape the house, yet was too tired to really do anything, I would load up the boys in the car and head to the drive thru where my afternoon caffeine awaited.

Tonight I was looking at the tree and found this. Even though I didn’t catch him in the act, I think this is all the proof I needed.


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One response to “starbucks & peets together at last

  1. Ingrid

    This gave me a really good laugh!! I seriously read it over and over and kept looking at the picture….so funny!!

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