the gig is up (updated)

I asked Adam when was the last time he read my blog. He started laughing and said, “I knew all along that you were looking words up because there was no way you knew the meaning of insigne.” To which I retorted, “It’s the  plural for insignia.” Little did he know that I had to look up the word after I played the word on Words with Friends.

Update: Now that Adam is back to reading my blog he is now back to editing my words. I apologize for any gramatical errors previously.



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6 responses to “the gig is up (updated)

  1. What…No guilt?? Wow — you’re husband is stronger than mine. 😉 Or you’re just a nicer wife.

  2. Jessica

    I was wondering when you were gonna spill the beans!

  3. Jessica

    comment (updated) OMG ADAM!!!

  4. amy

    this has nothing to do with word games and everything to do with the most adorable photo of your family in your header mast. i love love love it. and love that you live in a house of boys. and wish we could raise our sons side by side. i think they’d enjoy each other. i know i enjoy you.

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