words with husbands (final update)

I just lost my month long game of Words with Friends with the hubby. It’s really not fair. I would have beat him 493 to 276 but I was stuck with the letter Q and had to resign.

Adam still does not know that I am a complete and utter cheater. I know that he suspects something because he asked if I use a dictionary. I’m not sure I’m gonna tell him. But I have decided that it’s really no fun at all to win when I cheat. It’s so much more satisfying to win when I really put my brain to use.

So do you think that I should come clean and tell him I’m a cheater? Or maybe I should just ask if he’s read my blog in a while.



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2 responses to “words with husbands (final update)

  1. My vote is to just tell him to read your blog. He will both get a laugh out of it AND feel guilty. Bonus points! Just kidding. (Kind of.)

  2. i agree. get adam to read your blog. 😀

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