rant #1

I love music. I love discovering new music. You know when you are watching TV and a commercial comes on or you are watching your favorite show and you hear a catchy song that you’ve never heard and you go on the internet and search and search to find who sang that song. And then after hours of research you find that song and then for a couple of minutes everything is right in the world. I love that.

But if that new song comes on while I’m watching a show and they play the “background” music so loud that it drowns out the actor’s dialogue that I either have to turn up the volume on the TV or replay the scene again. I don’t love that. That’s annoying.

So Mr. TV man can you please turn down your music so I can hear what your actors are saying. Thanks much appreciated.



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4 responses to “rant #1

  1. Sarena

    This is a new perspective on music love. I am so oblivious! I did not know people did this.

    And by the way, when can we expect you out to InAlliance with the kids????

    Take care,


  2. Jessica

    This made me giggle! Love you B!

  3. how about tuesday 11/23?
    the number looks so good and coherent, haha

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