missing nugget

Linus: a cute ten month old boy with 2.5 teeth. Two teeth centered on the lower jar and two teeth half way exposed on the upper jaw.

Chicken Nugget: a breaded deep fried piece of “white” chicken that I think my Linus ate last night.

The boys and I were running errands yesterday late afternoon while the hubby was going to be working late. As we were driving home I realized that I had nothing in the house to cook for dinner. And for some reason I drove our car through the McDonald’s drive thru. Ollie was super excited to eat his apple dippers and set his happy meal box down between his car seat and Linus’.

I think Linus wanted his own Happy Meal but he was just going to have to wait till we got home so I could feed him some baby friendly food. Linus screamed for a couple of minutes but eventually stopped. Then Ollie started complaining that Linus had taken his Happy Meal box. I laughed to myself and thought how industrious of my baby to grab the box… until I realized that there were still four chicken nuggets in that box.

At this point we were on the freeway. I contorted my body reaching my arm behind me while holding onto the steering wheel with the other.  I can’t be certain that  swerving also took place I’m just glad no Highway Patrol was there for confirmation. I finally grabbed the box and after I realinged my spin I peered into the box and counted… one… two… nuggets.

There’s no way my 10 month old with 2.5 teeth could eat a nugget? Right? I didn’t worry too much thinking maybe the other nuggets fell out of the box until Liuns started to cough. In the center lane of the freeway going a tiny bit over 65 miles per hour was where I started freaking out, saying, “Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Dear Lord, No, No, No, No ,No!”

I pulled off the freeway as fast as I could jumped out of the car opened the door to Linus looking at me and smiling. What a relief he was OK. Then I searched the car for the missing nuggets to only find one nugget and a baby with greasy hands and some breading on his collar. I have no proof that Linus ate the nugget but I have learned my lesson I won’t let Ollie eat in front of Linus anymore.



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4 responses to “missing nugget

  1. Terry Joley

    So thankful he is ok!

  2. Jessica

    Glad Linus is okay. Is sure is very smart that kid.

  3. yes very scary. but geez he’s cute.

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