from our pumpkin patch to yours.

“When you don’t know what to write on your blog go ahead and post a picture of some cute kids. Even if they aren’t your own.” -Britany



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3 responses to “from our pumpkin patch to yours.

  1. Jessica

    yeah the red hair and faces dont look anything like your kids. i think i saw their asian mom hiding behind all the leaves.

  2. Ingrid

    Wait I started to laugh and then I thought, “umm….that’s not Linus….is it??” it totally doesn’t look like Linus. What’s up with the blond hair?? Is that what you meant by, “post ’em even if they aren’t your own”? Cause either than ain’t Linus or he’s wearing a really good disguise (aka, the “aunt Ingrid hasn’t seen him in months” disguise).

    • It is Linus. He just looks weird because his big brother is practically strangling him. The way Ollie is holding him makes it look like Linus can’t sit up on his own. I took like 8 pictures and this was the best one. Geesh.

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