this dog walks into a kitchen…

So tonight I dropped a spice jar of crushed red chili flakes on the kitchen floor. In walks my dog, Henry. I was thinking about shoeing him away thinking it would be cruel to let him eat the spice covering the floor. But I didn’t. I wanted to see what would happen when he licked the hot peppers. I kinda wanted him to see start to cry when the hotness overwhelmed his tongue. I guess I’m kinda mean a little sadistic. Then all of a sudden… nothing. Nothing happened. He just continued to lick it up like it was water.

Is this a phenomena that only happens with my dog? Have there been studies on the canine taste buds? Can somebody also please explain to me why Henry can eat poop, (disgusting I know) eat red-hot chili pepper flakes but won’t eat apples?



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3 responses to “this dog walks into a kitchen…

  1. Jessica

    he ate some apples when me and ollie were watching a movie. i swear he did!

  2. Nana

    He’s a dog, what can I say…

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