I love comments. I love to know people are reading my silly words that what I post makes others giggle or say, “Hey I’ve totally been there before.” I get so excited when my e-mail tells me someone commented on my blog, I stop everything and read my comment. I know it comes from my ridiculous need to be accepted and I know it’s really silly but I can’t help it I love them.

You’d think with my love of the comment I would be a comment givin’ fool. Yet I am not. I read people’s blogs all the time and rarely ever comment. If I love them so much then I can guess that other people like them too. Right?

October is almost done with and I’m pretty sure it was breast cancer awareness month. I’m not certain what we are going to be aware of in November but I am declaring it my Blog-Comment-Awareness-Month. So for one month I promise that if I read a blog I will comment. Even if the comment makes less sense than my 9 month olds’ gibberish. Even if the comment is full of miss placed commas and non-capitalized words at the beginning of sentences. Even if the baby is crying and the 3-year-old is burning the house down. Even if it’s just to say, “Hi!” and that I enjoy reading your blog. For the next month I will comment like nobody’s business that or I will just stop reading blogs.

No, I will read and I will comment.



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11 responses to “hippo-crit.

  1. Yay! (i couldn’t NOT comment, right?!)

  2. burning the house down huh. 🙂

  3. I’ve decided to start Blog-Comment-Awareness-Month a few days early. You’re the first, and that’s a good thing because I can get a little snarky when I run out of things to say. BTW, did your husband figure out your word-secret?

    • Nice I’m glad that you have joined the good fight 🙂
      Adam still has not figured out my words with friends cheating although he did comment on my use of uprouse. I think he may be on to me but he will never truly find out until he reads my blog. Thanks for commenting Ray.

  4. llahsram

    Hi! I enjoy reading your blog. You are accepted.

    Actually I just realized that this comment kinda sounds like spam. Huh. Well, interested in buying a supposedly name-brand watch or some dubious pharmaceutical products?

  5. Michelle

    I love your blog! I didn’t realize I was so far behind:) 3 new post!

  6. Christa

    SPAM stands for spiced ham 🙂

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