words with husbands

I love my hubby. I can not think of a better encourager, a more selfless person, a greater Dad, a truer friend than my Adam. But the thing is I don’t think he reads my blog. He will if I ask him to. The posts that are grammatically correct are so because he proof read them and I am always asking him how to spell  words like, the and cat. But seriously I don’t understand why he isn’t checking my blog like hourly while he is at work. So I have a secret. A test to see if he does read my blog. And you better not tell him. I want to see how long it takes him.

There is this app on the iPhone, Words with Friends, it’s a kinda of scrabble game that you play with friends with the same app. Adam and I have been playing each other for a while. The first game he totally beat me to a bloody pulp. (Remember I said he was my grammar checker?) He won by 79 points. So the next game I went online a looked up how to cheat. And it totally worked. I won by 202 points! I am really touched that he thinks I am smart enough to come up with words like, insigne- really? I don’t even know what that means (ok just looked it up it’s the singular of insignia). In order to not totally give my secret away I will choose words like, armpit and doofus over more difficult words, even if doofus has less points than tributary.

The game we are currently playing I just played the word uprouse for 65 points. Seriously. I will continue to cheat until Adam reads my blog and finds out my little secret. And then I promise I won’t cheat anymore, well maybe.



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8 responses to “words with husbands

  1. Nana

    Hahahaha! Well I, for one, am quite vindicated that the homeschooling worked! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Hilarious! Now I know if we play a game and you’re unusually good, I know that you’ve cheated your way to win! Hahahaha.

  3. Colleen

    OMG I love that game! I have like 12 games going. You must tell me where you found the site to help you cheat! I have a friend I play who comes up words I have never heard of..I always wondered if she was cheating!

  4. Terry Joley

    Now I love this game and play with peeps all over the world–I use Scrabble Helper and have found lots of wonderful new words I never knew existed. I don’t think of it as cheating–you just play Scrabble different on your I-Phone than you do on the regular board. You have to use a different strategy on word placement and try to make as many of those silly little words you can add on as possible. It takes strategy to a new level–I have gotten better due to some of the people I play with–figuring out how they are several hundred points ahead of me even tho I am using the Helper. I am definitely addicted to it–10-20 games going at any on time! And now you have my comment! lol

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