just say no

Remember back in elementary school when it was red ribbon week. Where your class would tie red ribbons on the chain-link-fence in front of your school. Where you and a group of class mates would come up with a poster and slogan for saying no to drugs. And you would make up skits and role play saying, “NO,” when somebody offered you drugs.

Here in California there is this proposition on the ballot that we get to vote on come November 2nd, Prop 19, the legalization of the recreational use of marijuna. I’m voting no. I think pot stinks like literally, the smell makes me want to throw up. If you are among those that think mary jane doesn’t kill brain cells I wish you could meet my old friend “Sally”. I ran into her a couple of years ago and I think she smoked chronic everyday since high school (I graduated in 1997). When running into her at a coffee shop she told me that he was trying to make enough money so that she could stuff a pillow case  so full, enough so that she could sleep on it. I am asking you whom live in California to vote no too, however the reason I am asking you to vote no is completely selfish.

We have crazy neighbors.  And this summer my fondness of my neighbors did not grow. I would look forward to those cool evenings where I could open up the windows and turn off the AC.  When it was cool enough I’d walk around the house and open up every window to let the cool delta breeze have it’s way with our house. Every time I’d open up the windows the breeze would not only bring in cool air but the fresh smell of our chain smoking next door neighbors cigarette smoke. EVERY evening she sits out on her back porch smoking and talking on the phone. I wish I could send her a partial electric bill of those evenings where I’d have to walk back around and close up all the windows and turn the AC back on again. Finally when Ms. Chainsmoker went to bed I’d walk back around and open up the windows. Only to my dismay would the smell of another kind of smoke come billowing through our window… marijuana.

The neighbors behind us on occasion like to light up their doobies (I don’t live in the ghetto, I promise). It doesn’t happen every night but I can just imagine if this prop passes I will be smelling a lot more pot in my future. In the summer we will be boarded up in our house not able to afford to do much because all of our money will be spent on our very high electricity bill. My kids won’t be able to play outside for fear of contact high.

So when you head to your polling place come November 2nd and when in your hand you hold that little poking stick and your hand hovers over the prop 19 box remember me and my pot smoking neighbors, and how you will be able to make a difference in our little families’ life, so go ahead and poke no. My children will thank you and I’m sure my children’s children will thank you too.



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2 responses to “just say no

  1. Ingrid

    Oh man I wish I lived in California if for no other reason than to vote for this!!! Vote no that is….
    Your story had me laughing pretty hard, but I can only imagine… Every time someone is smoking next to me at a stoplight, I always roll up my window, but even that doesn’t always stop the smoke from rollin’ in my vents. I totally love my doobies, but I would vote no for you and your sanity. Jkjkjkjk!! 😉

  2. I love my doobies too. What? No it’s just fun saying doobie. doobie. doobie. Isn’t crazy all the different words for Marijuana.
    Mary Jane

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