whoomp there it is

I read this review of Tag Team’s “Whoomp, There it is” after sampling a little piece of music nostalgia on iTunes.

This album saved my life.  I’m serious.  The tight rhymes and phat beats got me through some very hard times in my life.  My father and mother died, and “Whoomp, There it is” got me through it all.  Thanks, Tag Team, for everything that you’ve done for me. -iTunes reviewer Evan.

Do think he was serious?

Maybe I should scour iTunes reviews and start a blog/twitter/facebook account and post all of my funny finds?



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3 responses to “whoomp there it is

  1. Marshall

    You should totally start a blog for that! (Reviews are probably too long for Twitter, and Facebook too walled off for something that deserves to be shared with the whole world.)

  2. Marshall

    Or Tumblr, now that I think about it. Seems made for that kind of thing.

  3. Ingrid

    That made me laugh out loud…. I read it like 3 times, just to make sure I’d read it right… holy cannoli… I should totally start writing reviews like that so I can make it on your new blog. 😉 I’ll write a review for “The Humpty Dance” and say how much it helped me through a depressing time, and it broke me of my painkiller addiction.

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