valet babysitter

I’ve fallen in love with a recipe. It’s a Thai chicken and long bean stir fry that’s super easy to make and tastes just as good as one a restaurant would cook up oh and the hubby loves it more then I do. Yesterday I went to go make my new fav dish and was out of one ingredient. One ingredient.

Do you know what a pain it is to take two small children into the store for only one item? I miss the days of my youth where getting out of my car and into the store took less than ten seconds. Now it takes forever. Getting two kids in and out of their car seats takes longer than it would to run into the store, grab the item, have a lengthy chat with the cashier about the use of my roasted red pepper chili paste, pay with pennies and then return to the car.

My dilemma got me thinking and I think I might have solved my problem.  A Valet Babysitter. Where your local grocery market would have a licensed, well manicured, educated person who would sit in your car with your kids and read stories to them while you went on your short shopping spree. You would just pull up to the designated parking spot, leave the car running, blow kisses to your kids go shopping all while the Valet Babysitter read; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to your young breed.



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2 responses to “valet babysitter

  1. Sherry

    I love it! I couldn’t agree more and I think until you have kids you can’t understand just what a pain it is to run to the store for 1 item, or 12 for that matter. Love your wit! Let me know when you get the valet babysitter up and running, I’ll be the first in line 🙂

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