look ma! no hands!

On my way home from my parent’s house today I was driving along Garfield Avenue when I noticed something very clever. The woman in the car ahead of me was talking on her phone while driving. She did not have a bluetooth or headset. Yet she was very much in line with the California law of handsfree talking while driving. For she had her cell phone propped to her ear by her scarf that was wrapped around her head. Now that’s my idea of being resourceful.



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3 responses to “look ma! no hands!

  1. Ingrid

    Oh my gosh this made me laugh out loud!! So freakin funny!!!

  2. you know what? I’ve put my phone on speaker phone, and place it half way in the front of my shirt, let it rest on the area between my shoulder and chest… exposing the speaker and mic part of the phone.
    i’ve been doing that ever since I got a ticket for using 3 seconds telling the other person on the phone that i’d call them back… and my bluetooth is still out of battery… oh me oh life.

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