natural consequences

I couldn’t find my dog Henry this morning. And for a second I thought he had run away. Until I heard him scratching from inside the bathroom door. Henry likes to keep tabs on the trash can and when he’s able likes to sneak whatever he can out of the trash run into our room and rip and chew his booty under our bed. It’s annoying. When I catch him in the act I usually run after him while I am yelling and then I pull his skinny butt from under the bed and give him a good talking to.

My days pulling the dog from under the bed are over. For some reason our bathroom door just started shutting on it’s own. I don’t know maybe it’s the weight distribution of towels on hanging on them or a modest ghost who likes to pee in private. Whatever it is I am thankful because now several times a day Henry is trapped in the bathroom no longer able to take his treasure under our bed to devour.



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6 responses to “natural consequences

  1. Nana

    Who’s the dog? If you show this to Amberleigh she will wail that she misses Duke!

  2. Jessica

    that picture is NOT a picture of henry. i love henry even if he doesn’t like me. 🙂

    • Ha HA! It worked! It was my cheap attempt to get people to leave me a comment. People who know Henry would be like, “Who’s that Dog?” By the way I have no idea whose dog it is. Just a random picture Adam took.

  3. Ingrid

    I seriously thought you took a picture of Duke and tried to pass it off as Henry…. Funny stuff.
    Anyway, it took me the longest time for me to figure out that by “booty”, you meant his little stash from the trash, and NOT that he was chewing on his butt– which isn’t completely out of the question, being that dogs do that all the time!!
    Oh, and what’s with the blog change? No more blogspot for you? I don’t like that I have to enter my email, so I entered a fake one. Let’s see if it works. 😉

    • maybe i should change booty to treasure? i think ollie just was eating pirates booty and i had booty on my mind. only i can see your e-mail address not the whole world so i wouldn’t worry about that! and i switched because i just wanted to. i didn’t like the way my new template looks on blogger so i just decided to switch all together.

      i can’t believe you thought that was duke don’t you know what your own dog looks like?

      • Ingrid

        OK but entering fake email addresses is way funnier. You know it!!
        Of course I know what Duke looks like — he looks like pretty much every other black lab on the planet!! 🙂
        Now I’m off to go chew on my booty!
        And by booty I mean the food I found in the fridge!

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