to the window…

I know when spring is here. It’s when I can open the bedroom window at night and not freeze my bahtooty off in the process. Saturday night was the first night that I left the bedroom window open and then again last night. But I am thinking of keeping the window shut tonight and not just because there is rain in the forecast.

Saturday night or Sunday early morning. I heard Ollie coughing in the other room or so I thought. As I heard him coughing I lay there in my early morning stupor trying to decide if my son needed some water or an extra pillow. The coughing continued and it was getting worse. I really thought he was going to cough up a lung or a hair ball, at any rate phlegm was defintly involved. As my early morning stupor was wearing off I realized that it was not my son coughing but the coughing was coming from outside the window. It was the cough of a professional smoker. I suppose four in the morning is as good as any hour to go outside and cough up buckets of phlegm… I’m sure it makes for an easy clean up.

And then there was this morning. Adam being the great hubby that he is let me sleep in. I didn’t get to sleep in as late as I wanted. Outside a male and female were singing a duet, very loudly and very off-key. Who does that? Who goes out in their backyard at seven in the morning and sings? I don’t do you?

So tonight I will keep the window closed. But if I do I wonder what I will miss out on? Because barking dogs are just too cliche.



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4 responses to “to the window…

  1. Hahahaha… Ahh bee I love your blogs. LOVE them. They always give me such a good chuckle, giggle, CHORTLE even. The duet thing seriously had me rolling….that is awesome. Maybe you will miss out on some awesome noises from people walking outside thinking that no one is listening…. Like people leaving voice memos on their cellphones…"note to self: buy new underwear and stop soiling the ones you have"… You know, stuff like that. 🙂

  2. but the thing is our backyard backs up to other backyards. so people are doing these things in their backyards. it's like they think 6 feet of wood is sound proof. the lady next door is always talking on her phone. apparently she has financial troubles. as i have heard her tell her story on two different occasions.

  3. Ha ha! I have one of those too, I call him "Hacky pants" because he always sounds like he is hacking up a lung! "Oh, there's Hacky again!"

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