beer and the bird

I could really go for a beer right now. We almost made it three years without a trip to the ER, a trip I thought would have come a lot sooner. Daily, Oliver comes to me crying holding up a toe or elbow for me to kiss to make it feel better. Today, I was not able to make his pain go away with my kisses.

Today my Mom, Ollie, Linus and I went out to lunch, but never ate. After entering the restaurant, Ollie closed the door behind him and in the process of doing so, his right hand ring finger got stuck in the shut door and either the getting stuck or the door opening again ripped his complete nail off along with some skin, all while fracturing his top finger bone.

I’m not a big drinker, but tonight I can see why people are. Sitting on the backseat floor of the car while holding onto your bleeding son’s finger, listening to him scream and not being able to comfort him; trying to explain to him that getting an x-ray is a good thing as he won’t let anyone but his Mommy touch him. And anytime someone approaches him he hides his face in your chest as tears stream down his face. While hearing your hungry crying infant in the other waiting room ready to be fed and not being able to come to his rescue. Helping the nurse wrap your little redhead in a sheet like a burrito so that you can lay on top of your son while he tries to escape as the doctor numbs his finger so that he can remove his fingernail, give him stiches and wrap his finger in a splint.

My 2 year old is giving the world the bird. The splint that is on my son is wrapped in flesh colored tape and it makes his middle finger stick up 2 inches above the rest of his fingers.

I am thankful that we are home and that this day is done. I’m thankful that Ollie was well taken care of and that I was able to hug and hold him and give him kisses more today than any other; thankful that I was able to hold myself together and respond well in a stressful situation. Thankful that God is always faithful and that He was with me every step.

Now I am going to take my blood stained sweatshirt off, sit back and drink my pretend bottle of brew.



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6 responses to “beer and the bird

  1. oooo no ollie!! ouch! :(i'm sure it hurts you to watch him suffer. hope he gets well really really soon! and you deserve a hug, brit!!

  2. im soooooo sorry my friend! šŸ˜¦ prayers for you all. i hope ollie is better and pain free and hopefully you'll be okay as well. sending you my love.

  3. Ah, that hurts on so many levels. I've been there, and just can't stand to see the kids hurt. Marshall was the one who got his fingernail ripped off, stitches in his forehead and his chin (two different occasions). I sure hope you got some sleep. (((hugs))) to you and Ollie (and give a snuggle to the poor little hungry Linus).

  4. this broke my heart – for BOTH of you!!! I'm so sorry you two had to go through that. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for your precious little fireball, Brit.Love you guys!!

  5. Mmmm…this just shattered my heart into a million pieces. I wish I would have read this sooner! I felt like I was right there with you as I read this. I completely feel your pain and helplessness as you try to take care of your children who so desperately need you, and yet you can only do so much….and then the agony you feel as you realize that you can't completely take away the pain. These are the moments that feel like movies, the ones we remember as our kids grow and they slowly but surely no longer "need" us. I love you Bee, and I love my nephews, and I love the ease and fluidity in which you write! I wish you posted something new every day! (just not about the kiddos getting hurt…) šŸ˜¦ Love you all! šŸ™‚

  6. I wish I could write a blog post a day… but I ain't got nufin to write. but maybe i'll try.

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