A while back the Redhead claimed our queen-sized quilt for his own. He would request to sleep with it on his toddler sized bed. The quilt so big and our son hidden beneath the layers of cotton it was a cute sight. How can one say no to something so cute? The only problem was that when it was our turn to go to bed we had nothing to cover our weary bones. So when it was our turn for slumber we would quietly remove the quilt and replace it with a more appropriate sized blanket. This exchange of the blankets went for months until Christmas. Mom bought us a beautiful quilt that I love. We then officially retired our old quilt to the Redhead.

The Redhead loves his quilt and sleeps quite well through the night. Little did I know how much he loved the blanket until he started carrying around the quilt around the house (did I mention that it’s queen-sized?) We will be hanging out in the living room and Ollie will all of a sudden run off. Before I can ask him where he is going he comes back with his queen-sized friend.

On Wednesday morning I placed our second son, Linus in the bouncy chair to get breakfast ready. When I do this I normally put his blanket on him. But for some reason on this morning I forgot. Then along comes Ollie. He looks at his brother and then runs away. When he comes back he is pulling the quilt behind him and places the blanket on his 9 pound sibling.

Our Redhead is full of mischief of one kind or the other a rebel rouser through and through. But it is in those unexpected moments where I remember his trouble making skills also come with a whole load of sweetness. Gotta love that Ollie!



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4 responses to “blanket

  1. Too cute and funny. But I really thought that was a doll in the bouncy seat! What did Linus think?

  2. Oh how stinkin sweet is that?!?! Seriously…I love moments like those!! Li'l Olls is already lookin out for his baby bro. 🙂

  3. LOVE it! Is he SITTING on the baby?!?! They are both so incredibly CUTE!!!!!

  4. i guess it kinda does look like he is sittin' on Linus… i think maybe on the edge of the bouncer but mainly he is sitting on the blanket because it's just that HUGE!!!

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