Do you ever fear that if you say something out loud or write it on paper that that thing that you said will stop being true and the opposite will happen? I do. And so with great caution I type these next paragraphs.

When I was pregnant and before we knew Linus was going to be a boy people would ask, “So do you want it to be a girl or a boy?” I would respond, “I don’t care as long as they are mellow.” We love our little redhead but Ollie has been anything but mellow. When he was a babe I would often call him fuss-bucket. Ollie continues to let us know what he wants and is never quiet about it. Some call him a spirited child others would called him a strong willed child. We just call him Ollie. We love his little personality although do blame it on his hair color.

So far it looks like my prayers were answered. Linus is an easy baby. I got a mellow babe. It has made the transition from 1 child to 2 very pleasant. He sleeps well at night doesn’t fuss. And only cries when he is hungry. It’s funny to me that a baby so young could be so different from his sibling. I look forward to seeing our little Linus’ personality bloom and I am praying he continues to be my mellow baby.


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