adam’s addiction (it’s a long one)

I met Adam at camp. We both signed up to work at the best camp in the world one summer by the name of Wild Oak tucked in the Santa Cruz mountains. Adam was an activity instructor and I was a counselor. It was a Sunday the day all the staff arrived. However all of the activity instructors arrived a week early to get certified and learn activity stuff. I had met everyone except one activity guide by the name of Boss. I was told that Boss was going to be a little late since he had driven down to L.A. to purchase a mountain bike the night before. I didn’t really think anything of it except that this was a long drive from Santa Cruz to L.A. to buy a bike and then come right back. I did finally meet Boss Sunday night while he was standing with his new Santa Cruz Cameleon in the back of the sanctuary. I said hello and commented that I didn’t know Santa Cruz made bikes (only skateboards). Boss responded with, “Yeah, the whole town gets and builds them.”

If I only knew back then that this was just the start of my husband’s obsession. I have traveled many miles throughout Northern California with my beau, selling and buying bikes and parts. Adam and I counted up all of the bikes he has owned in the 8 years we have known each other. Guess how many? OK take that number and then multiply it by 2 then take that number and add 4. Did you get 24? Yeah 24 bikes!! And I wish I was kidding.

I have seen the progression of my husband’s obsession. First he started off like any other bicycle lovin’ fool and had 2 bikes, a mountain bike and a road bike. Then he decided that gears were for suckers and he traded in his multi-gear road bike for a single speed, a bike with one gear. Then when the single speed was too easy for him he traded in the single speed for a fixed-gear bike. This is when I thought he had lost his mind. But oh it gets worse.

As the picture clearly displays my husbands new found obsession THE UNICYCLE! (Adam says that I can’t include it in his bicycle count because it only has one wheel). He is already on his second unicycle the first (as pictured above) he thought had too small of a wheel, so he sold that one and is now riding around on a MUni- A mountain unicycle- used for unicycling on the dirt and rocks and what have you. I’m not sure where this road of unicycling will lead I only ask that it one where his helmet is worn at all times.


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