stop it

My sis-in-law Lara is taking child development classes and working towards her Masters. She had a list of developmental milestones for 24-36 month olds and I was reading over them since I have a 32 month old named Ollie. As I was going down the list I mentally checked off all the things my kiddo can do. Ollie fairs pretty well only missing a couple of milestones, no worries though he has a couple of months till he turns 3. One of the milestones on the list was that he should know his full name, first and last. Ollie knows his first name without a doubt but come to think of it I don’t know that I have ever told him his last name. As I try not to use his full name when I am upset with him, such a Mom cliche.

The other day Ollie was doing something he wasn’t suppose to be doing and a phrase that came flying outta my mouth that comes more often then I would like was, “Oliver STOP IT!” Then I got to thinking about his missed milestone. My red-headed-2-year-old would probably say his last name was, “Stop it, Oliver John Stop it.”

So I’ve got some teaching to do if we want his toddler MENSA application to be accepted. And maybe I should find another phrase besides STOP IT or at least try not to use it as much.


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