land of random

If there were a place called Random I think they would appoint me their queen. Friday night Adam and I went out on the town… Borders and then Starbucks. As we were driving home from book browsing I suddenly had a huge craving from memory lane. Vanilla steamed milk! Adam drove his pregnant wife to the nearest coffee joint and ran in seconds before they were about to put up the closed sign. I was waiting in the car and the baby boy tucked away in my uterus was kicking away, I think he was excited about the steamed milk too. Then randomly I became really sad for Oliver.

I was sad that Oliver was missing out on the steamed milk and the book browsing with Dad. And I felt bad that his baby brother in my belly was there with me and that he is always with me. When I kiss Oliver good bye in the morning baby bro gets to come with me. When I say no to Oliver eating sweets baby bro gets all the ice cream and cookies that I consume. Oliver misses out on all the fun and I just felt so bad for him.

I know that these are silly and very random thoughts but a pregnant heart was sad… until Adam came back in the car with my foamy, sweet and warm vanilla steamed milk.


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