facebook killed the blogging star

It’s been a long time since I have written a post on my blog. And I blame it all on Facebook. Now whenever I have a good idea, witty comment or Oliver story I simply sign on to Facebook update my status and I am done. I no longer have to construct sentences, worry too much about grammar but still get the satisfaction that I have let something of my chest. Secondly my dearest friends have Facebook accounts. When I write a clever comment not only do my friends read but they comment and my deep need for verbal/written affirmation is attended to and I go on with my day feeling a slight bit better.

Not only has Facebook given me the outlet that I need for my thoughts to circulate the web but it is an easier, lazier way in which I can receive more accolades than I do on my blog. So when I am done being lazy and needy I will post a bit more to my blog.


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