2 more pee stories

(The above picture has nothing to do with the below text. I just thought it was time to post a picture.)

1. Yesterday Ollie decided that he needed to take his juice-filled sippy cup into the bathtub with him. I was kinda weirded out by him sipping his juice while bathing, but, anticipating a struggle of wills, I decided this was not the fight I was willing to hop in the ring for… that is until he proceeded to pee in the bath inches away from his floating sippy cup. I then decided drinking time and bathing time no longer needed to coincide.

2. I like clean sheets. The problem is I always forget the last time I changed my dirty sheets for the clean variety. The last two times I needed to change the linens, Oliver got to them first. Tonight Oliver, escaping a diaper change, ran away from me, hopped on our bed, and then peed (on my side nonetheless). I guess it was his way of letting me know it was time to change the sheets.


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