Life wouldn’t be the same without lists. How would I know what to buy at the grocery store? Or what to ask Santa for Christmas? And so I have crafted another list…

Things I am Addicted to:

1. Diet Coke: I have this strong feeling that I am going to get some kind of cancer later in life and the doctor will look me in the eye and say, “Well Britany, this wouldn’t have happened to you if you wouldn’t have drunk so much Diet Coke!”

2. The Color Green: Love, love, love green. Looking at the color makes me happy and I feel like running through a meadow. I love this time of year in Northern California because the hills are covered in green green grass.

3. Making Oliver Laugh: He is such a silly guy so it’s pretty easy to make him giggle; and when he laughs it fills my heart with joy.

4. iPhone: Adam saved up all his nickels and dimes and bought me my lovely phone for my birthday. Now I can’t figure out what I would do without it…and yet I feel a little bit stupider. In the past when I needed to kill time I would read; now you will find me fiddling on my iPhone.

5. Comments: Every time I post to my blog I immediately start checking back for comments. I think it has something to do with me never being verbally validated as a child and so I leave my most sensitive of emotions in the hands of the blog reader. Each time I read a comment it makes my heart smile and I feel accepted and loved. (Unless it’s a mean comment they I hit the tear stained delete button and hang my head a little lower)


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