monkey and monkey

I’d like you to meet Monkey and Olliebear. Monkey is Oliver’s number one go to guy. He carries him around the house, gives him hugs and sometimes even slips him some of his snacks. Olliebear is Oliver’s number two. Olliebear is a name that Dad came up with and Mom likes it too. However Oliver would rather call him Monkey (in fact all of his stuff animals are called monkey just proving that Monkey really is his number one). Monkey and Olliebear are a good team and spend a lot of time together. Oliver likes to carry both of them around the house at the same time and he really likes it when they cuddle with him in his crib. However when leaving the house and Oliver is told by Mom or Dad that he can only take one friend Olliebear is usually tossed aside. And when juice is offered to Oliver both Monkeys are left to fend for themselves.

Mom took the picture because she thought it was funny. It kinda reminded Mom of a crime scene right before the chalk outline is drawn.


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