feelin’ tipsy

Around town Tuesday is the night to go out if you have kiddos. Why? Because many restaurants have kids eat free Tuesday. We don’t eat out often because our pocket books aren’t filled with extra cash. If we do eat out, Tuesday is the night we treat ourselves, since Ollie eats free. Tonight was horrible, and we should have stayed home. We were seated at our table by the hostess and given chips to crunch. Then we sat at the table for at least fifteen minutes before I asked someone who our server was. The person I asked inquired with a server if our table was in her section. The server said yes and proceeded to walk past our table never addressing us to say I’m sorry for the wait or I will be with you shortly. Nothing. Minutes later our server came to the table to take our drink order and we placed our food order too. Our food came out promptly. We ate. Finished our food and waited and waited. Ollie was fussing and trying to climb out of his highchair. No server in sight. Adam took Ollie out to the car while I waited and waited to pay our bill.

We got no smile, no thanks for waiting, no have a nice day. Nothing.

I always leave a tip and a pretty decent tip too. Tonight was the first night were I wanted to put a big huge ZERO where the tip amount would go. I couldn’t do it because I knew that our tip was not only for the server but for the friendly busser as well. I did however leave the worst tip I have ever left.

So my question is: are you ever justified to not leave a tip? Or do you always leave a tip no matter what?


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