waitin’ in line

Today I was waiting in line at Peets 3 deep to purchase Major D’s whole bean coffee, a present for my father’s birthday. The lady who was ordering her coffee at the front of the line was taking an absurd amount of time: ordering her beans, deciding that she didn’t want the free coffee, wanting to buy a gift card, handing the lady her debit card when she then decided to write a check. The guy standing directly in front of me looked back at me and rolled his eyes as if to say, “Can you believe this lady?” I wanted to respond with an eye roll back that stated, “I really can’t believe you.”

The man standing in front of me was a couple of inches shorter than me which gave me an excellent view the back of his hair. He had gray hair, dyed brown, complete with a full comb-over…but that’s not all. It appeared that his scalp was spray painted brown (how or why I had no idea). I just couldn’t help but stare, trying to figure who he was trying to fool. To top off his hair was his outfit: he wore his jeans low and had an oversized, turquoise blue t-shirt with hip, bold graphics.

As we both waited to order our coffee I really should have had a heart to heart with my bald-headed line mate. Where I would gently tell him that his up do and outfit were not fooling anyone. And that he should embrace his age; after all, Oprah said it herself that 50 was the new 20. But, after he ordered his beans (in record time), I had no heart to heart and the man left with his coffee beans and drink in hand, still thinking he had fooled us all.


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