tomato juice

Last night Henry escaped out of the door not once but twice. The first time Oliver opened the door and then Henry bolted. He ran around our wooded/hilly/creek filled neighborhood and I found him walking down the street as I drove in circles in the dusk of evening. I opened up the car door and he jumped right in. The second time I was opening up the front door to let the cool evening air in and before I could think Henry pushed the screen door open with his wet black nose and was gone. This time it was dark outside. Another thing to note about our neighborhood is it is filled with animals: cats, deer, opossum, raccoons, squirrels, and skunks are a few of the creatures I have encountered. 

If there is one thing to know about Jack Russell Terriers it’s that they were bred to hunt rodents. Before we got Henry I did research on the breed and read that even the best trained JRT is not to be trusted off leash. If they get scent of a rodent they will bolt to hunt down the creature.

The second time Henry escaped he did not come back for over an hour. I knew he would come home eventually on his own but I just was worried that he would be hit by a car before he made it to the front porch. It was after 9:00 PM when he left and all of our neighbors came out to help. But that darn dog is too fast for anyone to catch. I circled the neighborhood in the car with hopes to find him wandering down the street again. No luck this time. As I was driving yelling, “HENRY, HENRY,” out the window I suddenly had the unpleasant scent of skunk enter my nostrils. And I knew this had to be Henry’s encounter with the large rodent. I gave up my attempt to find Henry in the dark and drove to the store to buy tomato juice.

Adam was out of town but luckily my friend had Jessica came over to keep me company. As I was leaving the store I got a call from Jessica that Henry’s adventures were done and that he had finally come home and that skunk who had sprayed had Henry’s left shoulder blade as it’s target. 

So this picture explains where end of Henry’s adventures lead him. Into the bath to soak in tomato juice for 20 minutes. Today he is a shade of pink with a hint of skunk, sleeping like a log with another bath in his near future.

Oh Henry!

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