During college I had a great roomie, Chanda. We are still friends to this day even, though she ditched the Northern land for Socal. Back then in my youth I had a propensity for sleeping in and I was usually late especially to church functions. Chanda being the wiser more mature one was never late and often would get up 2 hours before she needed to leave making sure she had enough time to eat breakfast and get ready for the day. But if I needed to be somewhere at 8:00 I would give myself 30 minutes to shower, dressed and grab something to eat as I was running out the door. That is the main reason I don’t wear makeup. I’d rather sleep 5 extra minutes then apply blush to my cheek bones.

One Sunday, Chanda knocked on my door and poked her head in while I was sleeping in and said that should probably get up or I would be late for church. Half asleep and very rudely, I said, “Your not my Mom!” After that Chanda said she was never going to wake me up again. I knew that she was just trying to help me out and I was totally a jerk.

A year went by we moved into a different house and Chanda kept to her word. Then one September morning during the six o’clock hour Chanda came into my room without a knock. She said I should probably check out the TV because planes had flown into the World Trade Towers in New York. That morning I did not yell anything to Chanda as I got out of bed and stared at the television set.


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