it’s a good thing

Tonight I gave Ollie a bath–something I do quite often–and as I was toweling him off and putting on his p. jays I was having a random thought

I’m sure glad that Oliver doesn’t stink like I do when I am all sweaty and haven’t showered and my pits start to smell so then I have to make sure I put deodorant on.
What kinds of scents would they make for the baby deodorant? Would it only come in baby powder? Would it be an antiperspirant, too?
Just think if babies did smell in the underarm.
Can you imagine on top of all the things that Moms and Dads do for there babes and then, the icing on the cake, making sure you haven’t forgotten to put the deodorant on…?
Then, having to remember to pack an extra stick of deodorant in the baby bag just in case.
Thank you God for only making us adults stink, when we are old enough to put the deodorant on all by ourselves.

Then I went and read Ollie his night time books.


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