it’s true

We are moving. Nope not out of the country or state just out of my parent’s house. For those of you who didn’t know Adam, Oliver, Henry and I have been living with my folks ever since we moved back to California. We found a cute little house in Fair Oaks Village that was built in 1900 and we will be moving our stuff out of storage May first.

These past two years have been quite journey. The short of it goes something like this: May 31, 2006 move in with the Mathisons for about two months to save money. Britany gets fired from her job. Two months become six. Britany out of work for 3 months. Adam goes part time with Youth for Christ. He gets another part time job working as a teacher’s aide/van driver for at risk youth. Adam and Britany find out they will be parents in nine months. Britany goes back to work. Adam’s last day with Youth for Christ December 31. Adam and Britany move to Chicago (Britany seven months pregnant) and live with Adam’s parents. Adam waits to hear about job as youth pastor. He doesn’t get job. Works at a bike shop while looking for other youth ministry positions. Britany sits around getting bigger. Oliver John is born. Adam looks for work. Britany stays home takes care of Oliver. Oliver turns six months. Adam gets a job, in California. Pack up the storage unit. Move back to Sacramento to live with Britany’s parents. Adam starts working. Britany takes care of Oliver. Oliver turns ten months. Britany goes back to work. They celebrate Oliver’s first year. Britany finds a cute place on craigslist for rent. They go check it out. The Elfstrands move out May 1, 2008.

Wow! It’s crazy where we have been. I am excited to see what the years ahead have in store. I’m not going to even try and pretend I know what the future looks like. I’m just glad my faith in God is stronger and that I have seen just how much we are loved.


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