door knob

I was holding Oliver today and I noticed that the inside of his ears were very yellow. Right then I decided it was time to do something about my babe’s wax factory or else I’d forget and then I’d start to wonder if he was losing his hearing. So off to the bathroom we went. As I was continuing to hold him in my arms and on my hip I opened up the cabinet door to get a q-tip. While I was doing this I noticed it was becoming quite difficult; I felt this force pull me in the opposite direction. I looked back and Oliver had grabbed the door knob. Not only was he holding onto the knob he was giggling in delight. How clever he must think he is. But then I looked a little closer and he was not only holding onto the door knob but he was staring at his own distorted reflection shining back at him.

It’s been such a delight to see through Ollie’s eyes. He gets so much joy in the simple things. He’s not yet jaded nor does he take things for granted. It was quite a kick to take a look at my own reflection along side my son’s. For the moment I forgot about the yellow ears and spent some time giggling with Ollie at our funny faces.


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