copy cat

I try very hard to be original . Trying to stay away from the cool and overused. But sometimes a good idea comes along and I just can’t help myself from being a gosh darn follower. So Kel, I am copying your idea and letting you who read this here blog in on some of my very own idiosyncrasies.

To help me fall asleep at night I rub my feet together between my blanket.

When I am sitting down a lot of the time you will find me sitting on my hands.

I will eat the same thing everyday for like a month. Then I get sick of it and won’t touch the food for a long time.

Sometimes I go through the day with a running monologue in my head, kinda like a voice over, as if I am starring in my own movie or TV show.

I enjoy picking scabs… even if they aren’t mine.

Every now and then, I will choose a word and then repeat it numerous times out loud until it doesn’t make sense to me and loses all meaning. (Try it for yourself: field, field, field, field, field…)

If I could get away with it I would wear the same outfit everyday of the week.

Whenever I eat a candy bar or anything covered in chocolate or in layers, I always:
1. Eat off the outer layer.
2. Separate the inside into individual sections.
3. Eat each individual layer as if it was its own entity.

The End.


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