the cos

I heart The Cosby Show! Every Christmas my Mom gets me a season of The Cosby Show. I now have seasons one, two, three, four, five and six. I remember watching the show when I was a kid; every Thursday night at eight o’ clock I was on the couch watching the Huxtables in their sweet brownstone in New York. Being an only child I loved watching the interaction of a big family and wished I could have a bunch of brothers and sisters. While other kids were playing with their imaginary friend I was playing with my imaginary family, I had an older brother and three older sisters and my Mom was a lawyer my Dad was a doctor.

Watching it now takes on a whole different meaning. At times, I find myself admiring Cliff and Claire’s parenting and how they never let their children get away with being untruthful. Each show, they get into some of the funniest, lighthearted conflict and show the humor in each person’s ridiculousness. The show is just spot-on. The Cos is definitely a rare gem that will probably never be matched.


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