We humans give a lot of credit to our success as a species to our opposable thumbs. The opposable thumb is great. I mean I wouldn’t be able to sit here and type very well on my computer or be able to hitch a ride at the nearest interstate. Being a Mom I have come to appreciate another set of appendages, my big toes.

I am always toting around Ollie in my arms. Ollie is a baby, who like most babies drops things on the floor. This is sometimes a problem when I have him in my hands. But when I am at home and my shoes are off I can simply pinch the item between my big toe and swing my foot up to my hand and presto, I now have whatever has fallen on the floor in my hands ready to give back to Ollie. My toes have come in very handy ever since Ollie’s birth, and it saddens me as the winter months draw near for my wonderful toes will be hidden away in socks and slippers and shoes.


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