the red hair

Oliver is cute. People go crazy for his red hair and dimples. And I do have to admit that when people tell me how cute he is I can’t help but smile and think, yep that’s my boy. He is already such a ham. When someone fusses over him he will lean towards them look them in the eye, flash them a huge smile and then let out a delightful squeal. I really do think that he makes people’s day. And when he puts on his charm the ladies go wild and the men can’t help but smile too. People will normally say what a cute boy or oh he is so precious. But there have been a few offhanded comments.

The other day while we where in a bike shop this lady said, “Oh look he has red hair. How cute. He looks like a little clown.” Adam and I just smiled and nodded. But how in the world is calling my son a clown a compliment?

Me, my Mom and Oliver went to lunch. We ordered our food at the counter and the girl taking our money couldn’t help but ooh and awe, making funny noises to get Ollie to laugh. She then told us that Oliver looked her Grandmother who is going through chemo. This comment struck me as odd but once again I just smiled and nodded.

I’m kinda looking forward to the next weird comment it makes life fun and makes me feel normal in the midst of the weirdos.


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