good bye chicago il

We are gone. We left. We pack up our stuff and headed west. No more corn fields. No more thunder storms. No more humid weather.

I’m back at the place that I know best. Where I have grown. Where I can walk and drive down the streets where my memories of childhood flood my thoughts. Where Adam has a real job that will provide more money and health insurance.

There are things in Chicago that I am really going to miss. Family. Go Roma. Beautiful sunsets. I really thought that our life as a family of three was going to start in the windy city. But after nine months we have moved back to Sacramento.

We moved to the Midwest with great hopes that God was going to provide a job for Adam. One that he would be able to support his family and work full time in ministry. During this time of looking we lived with Adam’s parents, I birthed a baby, and Adam worked for pennies at a bike shop. Some may say that Adam did not look hard enough or that he relied to much on others to find him a job.

It’s hard to know exactly why we were in Chicago. If we felt that it was for a job and no real job came about. There have been a thousands whys that I have come up with. Maybe it was to have Oliver, to prepare Adam for a job in the future, to live close to Adam’s family.

The one reason that I keep coming back to is, trust. To trust in the Lord. To allow the Lord to take care of our needs. To trust that He knows the whole story. To trust that He is big enough and that we are covered in His grace. I have learned to trust in Him more and worry less about the whys and hows. To come to an understanding that God is always going to take care of me and my family.


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