britany makes a million!

I’ve got it! The perfect idea to make me a millionare.

Kelli and I were talking yesterday about how we just needed the perfect idea to make butt loads of money. There have been many Moms who have come up with brilliant ideas and products for thier little ones and sold thier craft to the masses. Like the Mom who had the idea to put little doo-dads, Jibbitz, in the holes of kids Crocs shoes. I think she made them with her own kids as a craft project and then sold the idea for millions. Or the Mom who made leather booties for her son and noticed that the shoes improved his balance because it allowed him to feel the floor with his feet. Her leather shoe, Robeez, sells in baby stores around the country for over twenty dollars a pair.

So here is my idea. Are you ready for this one? A baby mind reader! I’m not sure yet how I am going to develop my product, but trust me I am going to pour all my blood sweat and tears into this gold mine.

Just think how wonderful this item would be. I could charge a ton and people would pay. No longer would I have to wonder why my son is crying and never wants to go down for naps without a fight. I would know that he just wanted to be held a little longer, or that his teeth were moving around under his gums, or that he was just feeling a little under the weather.

No more guessing! Butt loads of cash I’m a coming!


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