It’s been a long time since I have had insomnia. I think it’s because of Oliver. You see being a Mom of a baby doesn’t warrant much sleep. So I am always tired. Head hits the pillow and I’m off to sleepy land, population me. Oliver is almost six months old now and still wakes up at least once in the middle of the night. Tonight he woke up, I nursed him and then he fell promptly back to sleep. I on the other hand, I’m still awake.

It’s these darn thoughts that are swimming around in my head. I can’t stop thinking, and I am tired of thinking. For the most part I wonder when our life is going to work out. When are we going to stop being so poor? When are we not going to struggle with paying our bills? Are we ever going to be able to provide a good life for Oliver?

I have prayed for sleep but it hasn’t come yet. I have even visualized a big thought box where I have reached inside my mind pulled out my thoughts and put them in the box slammed the lid and then thrown the box out to sea. But still I am awake.

So here I am writing a post to my blog at 4 in da morning. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a Sunday nap in. Right now I’m off to surfing the web till my eyes can’t help but shut.


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