Guesst bloggah!

Today I have invited a guest to write on my blog. He wishes to remain anonymous. If you like his words let me know and I will invite him back. If you think he sucks then I’ll fire his butt.

Here in the midwest, I can’t help but question everything I do with, “Oh gosh…is this white trash?” I think this question arises from the fact that SO many people on both shores have this concept of the midwest as some hillbilly zone. That’s a bunch of CRAP! Sure, the w/t’s are out there and some even live next door to YOU; because living w/t is a mindset, not a location. Someone I admire more than anyone else once said something to the effect of, “…if you even think evil thoughts about someone, you have already committed that horrible act against them AND all that is good…” Meaning truly that our minds need to be focused on things that are true, excellent, and totally RIGHTCHUS!

In the pond ‘hind the house
on a dog day afternoon
two suckas went to fish
by that soggy, small lagoon.
With the “anti-” signs neglected
they scuttled slight conviction;
and with thoughts of just their pleasure,
they gave in to their addiction!

Then with stares of discontent
and to say the least, rejection,
the neighbours fed their scornful thoughts
with dreams of their correction.
As they crested atop
their columned castle lookouts
they feared the ‘hood be taken over
by rancid high school drop-outs!

And left alone
with their thoughts, the two
Would live in their pits;
ne’er to know what’s true
For to open to correction
would suggest that one was wrong
and to live in such a humble state
could tarnish a prideful song.

But clear your heart
Of all that festers
And get the right answer
When questioned by testers.

For what is right is proven
by thought and by deed
so we never stop our pickin’
till we’ve pulled up every weed.

Blah, blah, blah…you’ve heard it all before this, but it still doesn’t mean you gotta check yo’self befo’ you ‘reck yo’self!


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