So I am a Mom. I have now been a Mom for a whole ten weeks. Little Ollie is ten weeks today, two months and nine days. I really am enjoying being a Mom and to my surprise I don’t even mind the menial tasks like changing umpteen diapers daily. I look forward to giving him baths and choosing his outfits to put on him each day. It’s been a lot of fun having our little guy around and I love his big gummy grin and giggles, too. I never would have imagined such a little person could melt my heart.

I do have one complaint though: diapers. Like I said I don’t mind changing Ollie’s diaper, even the poopy ones, but I just don’t get diapers. Oliver is now ten weeks old and his diapers have cartoon characters all over them. Why? Don’t they know that my little one is way too young to care if his diapers are all tatted-up with Big Bird and Minnie Mouse? Do they think that I enjoy looking at these cliche cartoon images? (Oh, I forgot to mention that it’s not Big Bird or Minnie Mouse it’s baby Big Bird and baby Minnie mouse)

I think diaper makers should take a different approach when it comes to jazzing up thier diaper. I would love a witty quote, a funny joke, or even a recipe for a quick pasta dish on Oliver’s diapers. Give me something to look at, something to ponder, or even just something to make the many diaper changes that much more enjoyalbe. Thank you.


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