Adam and I have now lived in Illinois for exactly 16 days. I’m still not sure if I like it. I haven’t quite made up my mind. I know that there were many things that I took for granted while living most of my life in Sacramento.

I knew where things were. I don’t like getting lost and not knowing where I am Living in a new place I find myself using yahoo maps several times a day. And even with looking everything up I still get lost. However I know the day will come where this place won’t be new anymore and I will know where I am going.

Friends. When you are a stranger you don’t run into people that you know. When you don’t know anybody, everyone is new and they don’t know your story. There is comfort in old friends where you don’t have to explain yourself they just understand and know where you are coming from. I do look forward to making new friends who will know my story and we can share in laughter.

Right now we are living with Adam’s parents. They have been so gracious in letting us live with them till things are a little more settled. But I miss having my own space where I can put my stuff on the walls and fill my cabinets with my dishes and glasses. I really want to get things ready for baby elfstrand but all of our stuff is boxed away in storage.

I know that I need to trust that God has every little detail of our life worked out. I get so impatient and want everything to fall into place right now. I do know too that the struggle makes you stronger and the struggle brings me back to my creator the one who knows when the struggle will soon subside.


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