The Toilet

So the other night Adam and I went and saw a movie, a stupid movie. I’m not even going to tell you the name of the movie because then you just might be curious enough to go see it. And then you will feel cheated out of money and you’ll have to hear an itoldyouso.

With all of that said now I can get to my main point. The toilet! Even though the movie was stupid I still managed to eat buttery popcorn and fill my bladder to full capacity. Before exiting the theatre I made a detour into the bathroom. The first stall I came upon I opened the door and low and behold was a toilet bowl full of bright yellow pee. Now normally I would have moved to the next stall, and at that moment I thought to myself, “Self I wonder how many people have seen this and have moved on? Two, Three or many a hundred?” So right then and there I decided to end the cycle and I lifted my foot and flushed the toilet and went on with my night.

As I was sitting there I began to ponder the reason why somebody would not flush the toilet? Where they afraid to flush because of the germs they might get on their hands? I would just show them my handy dandy method of using your foot. Did this person hold true to the phrase, “If it’s yellow let is mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.”? If so I would let them know that the phrase is best used for the home toilet. Or was this person in such a hurry that they were going to be late for their movie that they couldn’t take the time to flush?

Maybe my question will never be answered. Maybe this nonflushing phenomenon will continue even past my days. So I guess this is for you nonflusher, and you know who you are, please please take the extra five seconds and FLUSH!


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