The Checkout Line

The other day Adam and I were shopping. We were on a car trip and we stopped to buy something to nibble on while we were on the road. Lately we have been on an organic food kick and whenever we can we try to buy organic foods. Adam’s favorite is Neuman’s Own! So anyways we were all set with our food in hand and as you normally do we went to the checkout line to purchase our food. We had the usual friendly banter with the checkout clerk you know the usual, “Nice weather we are having,” “Any big plans for the weekend?” As the balance was being totaled the clerk said, “Those are pretty expensive snack you are buying there.” I didn’t say anything back just smiled as Adam paid the man. This statement really bothered me. I think it bothered me because it is none of the checkout guys business what we do with our money, or what kind of snacks we buy. Who is he to comment on what we buy, that is not part of his job description.

Then I started to think. Every time I buy something it tells a little bit about who I am to the checkout clerk. Without really knowing it I am letting this stranger into my life. They know that I like non-fat milk instead of whole, diet coke and whole-wheat tortillas. And maybe that really isn’t saying much about me and I know that I shouldn’t worry.

I think that it should be a law that checkout clerk are never allowed to make comments of what their customers buy. I think it’s just rude and I never really know how to answer back. I bought some pasta salad at the Co-op on Wednesday for lunch and the bagger said, “That’s not a lot of salad.” Once again I just smiled. What was I supposed to say?

Now I dread going to the checkout line. I can’t help but wonder what the checkout clerk is thinking about my purchase and if they have any cool comments to say. I think I am going to start to buy more stuff online.


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