You are a ROCK STAR!

I recently read my favorite book of all time. I knew that it was my favorite after reading the first chapter. It’s like somebody came and placed a vacuum to my ear, sucked out all of my thoughts, the confusing and wrinkled ones, ironed them out and then put them down onto paper. The subtitle of the book is “Nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality.” On of my favorite chapters is entitled Love, How to really love other people. He goes onto say that, “The problem with Christian culture is we think of love as a commodity…With love, we withheld affirmation from the people who did not agree with us, but we lavishly financed the ones that did.” How many times have I withheld love? How many times have I given glances or dirty stares someone’s way? And how many times did I feel justified with my actions?

That is not my job to withhold love. Christ did not say you must freely give love to Sally but only give a little love to Joe. I cannot decide whom I am going to love. Christ did not die for one he died for all. And that is the big problem when I am loving whom I want to love, I am not loving with God’s love. It’s not always easy to love. But here is the thing, God asked me to love with on my own power. When Christ’s love drew me to him and then I made a choice to follow him, I was given complete and free access to the most powerful love ever known. God’s love.

I pray that God would give me the ability to freely love others with his love, that I would have the ability to see people in a different light. To see others as the most interesting humans on earth and then to treat them as though they were rock stars. Loving others freely no longer withholding love.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The book is called Blue like Jazz by Donald Miller. Go and read it!


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