Nine Dollars and Twenty Five Cents

Adam and I went to see the movie “The Incredibles” this last Monday. It was a great movie we really enjoyed it and would pay to go see it again. But that is not the point of this post. The movie cost us $9.25. Movies are really too expensive and why do we need to pay Hollywood any more money? It’s not like directors and actors are starving or something. But that is not the point of this post.

I was looking online at our bank statement and I saw that we were charged two times to see the movie. Two separate transactions for $9.25 were charged to our account. I normally wouldn’t have noticed this mess up, however on this occasion we had a free movie ticket only buying one ticket. Now I know that nine dollars and twenty-five cents is not a lot of money to most, even though it probably could feed a family of 12 somewhere in Africa, but I digress. I just couldn’t believe that I spent the money on nothing; I mean I didn’t even get a Snapple. I decided to take action and that I was going to get my money back. So I called up the bank, the bank said that there was nothing they could do it was the theatres fault. Then I called the theatre; they said that it was the banks fault. Back and forth I called and each time I called someone new would answer the phone in which I would have to explain the whole problem to again. It took me a good hour to finally get my money back. Even after all the numbers I dialed I still don’t know whose fault it was or what really happened. All I know is that coming in the mail so will be 4 free movie tickets to any Regal Cinema of my choice.

Not only have I scored 4 tickets the value of $37.00. I have also learned a couple things along the way. First that technology isn’t always the most convenient. If Adam and I had used cash to buy the ticket we would have never been charged twice. However we did not stop and get cash before we to the theatre we used our debit card, thinking that it would be more convenient and save us time. Now looking back getting cash would have saved me an hour of talking to people on the phone. But how were we to know. Secondly I have learned that problem solving is not an easy thing to do. Nobody wanted to take the blame of the nine twenty five; it was if they had their finger on the transfer button, ready to transfer my call, ready for someone else to take the blame. Companies don’t make it easy for people to make problems better, it always seems there is some kind of run around, I wonder if they know that. If they make it impossible to solve problems like these and know that most people wouldn’t take the time to fix them.

I believe that it was worth my time to call and try to get my $9.25 back and even though it did take a while I would do it over again. I did end up with 4 free movie tickets. And I have decided too that I will now be using cash more often now, it just seems easier and more upfront. Before I end I want to thank you the reader. Thank you for reading this entire post, my ranting and raving for the day.


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